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Our Mission

Providing Choice, Control & Transparency

Empowering consumers to take control of the online advertising experience through AdChoices Icon & promoting transparency, responsibility & collaboration among industry partners to create a brighter, transparent and productive online ecosystem.

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DAA Middle East Principles

Empowering Consumers and Advertisers

DAA Middle East self-regulatory program for OBA is based on 7 key principles for transparency, consumer choice, responsibility, and collaboration, aimed at creating a safer and productive online ecosystem for all.

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For Consumers

Transparency, Choice and Control

DAA Middle East Self-Regulatory Programme is at the forefront of supporting responsible advertising practices to ensure Indian citizens have more transparency, choice and control in relation to data-driven advertising.

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For Companies

AdChoices for Privacy and Trust

DAA Global Self-Regulatory Programme involves hundreds of global companies and has been developed by leading global bodies across the digital advertising ecosystem, from publishers to advertisers. DAA Middle East will implement and enforce standards on the practice of OBA across the GCC and, in doing so, offer business solutions which respond to growing concerns around privacy.

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About DAA Middle East

About Adchoices.me
The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Middle East AdChoices program for the GCC is a self-regulatory initiative for the online interest-based advertising (IBA) industry. It aims to give consumers more control over their online data and their ads. The AdChoices icon, a small blue triangle with the letters "AdChoices" inside, is placed on or near online advertisements that are part of the IBA ecosystem. This icon is served by participating companies and allows consumers to see what data companies have collected about them and to opt out of receiving interest-based ads. In India, the necessary regulations for digital data protection are still in the draft stage. You can get ready in time.

Empowering Privacy: Control for Consumers

Joining the AdChoices program can help demonstrate your commitment to responsible data practices and give consumers more control over their data. The Digital Advertising Alliance is the Middle East avtaar of the global Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which oversees the AdChoices program. By joining the DAA Middle East, you can participate in the AdChoices program and display the AdChoices Icon. This can build consumer trust by showing that the brand is committed to transparency and accountability in its data collection and use practices. It can also help brands to comply with industry standards and best practices for IBA, and provide access to a range of educational and training resources and a network of industry experts. " Join DAA Middle East AdChoices program in the GCC for responsible data practices. Applications are currently open for UAE"

“Unlock the Power of Privacy: Show your commitment to responsible data practices and empower consumers with control”.

For more information: +971506514603

DAA History


Founding of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) program with a mission to provide transparency and choice for consumers regarding data collection and use for online advertising.


Launch of the DAA Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) to ensure responsible data collection and use for OBA purposes.


Expansion of the DAA program to include coverage of data collection practices for cross-device data, providing consumers with more control over their data across multiple devices.


The DAA program complements UAE data privacy principles by promoting transparency and user choice in online advertising. It empowers individuals to control their personal data by providing clear information and the option to opt out of targeted advertising, aligning with principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose limitation, and data minimization.


DAA and AdChoices program ensure consistency in the application of rules, providing a clear set of standards for the industry to follow.


DAA and AdChoices program encourage collaboration and cooperation within the industry, fostering an environment for better education, training, and outreach to consumers.

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